About Crouse Entertainment Group


Crouse Entertainment Group has made a strong commitment to produce programming that is entertaining and enlightening, and is suitable for the whole family to watch. In the process it has established itself as a major producer of award winning programs that focus on religion, politics, biography, and the environment.

Crouse Entertainment Group has worked with numerous corporations in helping them build stronger emotional bonds with their key demographics through sponsorship of documentaries. This partnership has helped maximize the value of their media investment, optimized their reputation and relationship with their customers, by fulfilling their corporate passion and community outreach.

In addition, Crouse Entertainment Group has worked with numerous foundations through the years. These foundations have played a key role through underwriting of the documentaries and by funding the development of educational components for many of the documentaries. These educational components extend beyond the classroom and include traveling photo museums, symposiums and community outreach.



Crouse entertainment group was formed in 1989 to capitalize on the explosive growth in cable and alternative media including public broadcasting with quality, cost-efficient programming for broadcast television, home video, Internet, and classroom educational markets.

These programs have been honored with Emmy awards, Telly award, International Monitor awards, The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, US Film & Video Festival, among others.

Crouse Entertainment Group has developed a highly successful record of securing broadcast rights with leading cable networks including the Discovery Channel, A&E, and PBS, as well as with numerous foreign broadcast networks. These programs and documentaries are then successfully distributed to the home video market in the U.S. and globally through relationships with a number of leading distributors. A number of programs are then adapted and distributed to schools throughout the United States, thus serving as an effective learning tool to students.