The Magic Never Ends: The Life and Work of C.S. Lewis

Network:  Public Broadcasting


  • Emmy, Most Outstanding Musical Score
  • Gabriel Award,  Best Documentary of the Year
  • Movie Guide Award, Best Documentary of the Year
  • Emmy nomination, Best Direction
  • Movie Guide Nomination, Best Television Show

Narrator: Sir Ben Kingsley

A co-production with Duncan Entertainment

The first in depth documentary ever produced on C. S. Lewis for American television, The Magic Never Ends provides an intimate look at the most influential Christian writer of the past century.

Children’s writer, Christian apologist, Oxford don, scholar, and popular lecturer, Clive Staples Lewis was the author of 38 books – all of which are still in print. The classics in the Lewis collection include The Screwtape Letter, Mere Christianity and A Grief Observed.  The documentary looks in depth at Lewis’s classic The Chronicles of Narnia considered the most popular children’s series of the 20th century.

C.S. Lewis is remarkable for many reasons.  While his life is profiled in significant detail in the documentary, it is his work that achieved a lasting impact.  Scholars include  Colin Manlove (University of Edinburgh), Lyle Dorsett (Wheaton College), Dabney Hart (Georgia State University in Atlanta) and Christopher Mitchell (Wheaton College) contribute extensively to the program's analysis of Lewis' work.  In addition, the show features interviews with actress Debra Winger (from the movie Shadowlands), Walter Hooper (C.S. Lewis editor and scholar), and Lewis' stepson, Douglas Gresham. 

Music was composed by acclaimed musician David Barrett.

Running time: 56 minutes