A Quest for Meaning: Myth, Imagination, & Faith in the Literature of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien

A co-production with Duncan Entertainment Group, this is the one-hour public broadcasting sequel to the highly successful public television release of The Magic Never Ends – The Life & Work of CS Lewis (co-production with Duncan Entertainment Group) .  A Quest for Meaning is a non-fiction documentary based on the infamous midnight conversation that took place in Oxford’s Magdalen College quarters of CS Lewis on a rainy evening in 1931. Both Tolkien and Lewis were close friends and scholars of mythology. Tolkien, a Catholic, used Lewis’ knowledge of “myth” as the basis for his argument to convince Lewis that Christianity is what Lewis later called “the true myth.” The film engages in a lively discussion reminiscent and inclusive of the arguments used by both Lewis and Tolkien during their lengthy discussion.

The producers have interviewed the world’s foremost scholars on mythology as well as experts in the literature of both Lewis and Tolkien. The film is cinematically rich and includes a dynamic soundtrack and original score. The visuals include extensive footage of ritual practices from various faith traditions as well as stunning images from the natural world designed to visualize the imaginative landscape depicted in the Lewis/Tolkien literature. The production includes domestic and international distribution as well as  screenings and premiers around the country and in the UK.  A classroom series is in development as well.

Target: 2013